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2018 Nominations Committee Report


Nominations for the 2018-2019 APA officers are as follows:

Speaker: Christy Garmon*
Speaker-Elect: Darrell Craven



Nominations for 2019-2020 APA Officers/Board are as follows:

Imm. Past President:  Jim Davis*
President:     Dave Brackett*
President-Elect: Stacy Giles
Vice-President:  Christy Garmon
Non-Designated Trustee #1: Jessica Jackson
Non-Designated Trustee #3: Patricia Naro


*Denotes an office that will be assumed based upon a previous office held.  For example, President-Elect ascends to office of President the following year.

REMINDER: Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor during the 2018 House of Delegates meeting.

2017-2018 Nominations Committee:
Johnny Brooklere - Chair
Dane Yarbrough
Rebecca Sorrell
Gary Mount
Morgan Stinson
Louise Jones (Ex-Officio



House of Delegates Meeting
June 12, 2018
Point Clear, Ala.




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Report from the Nominations Committee

House of Delegates Meeting, June 12, 2018 Point Clear, Ala.

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