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Governor Issues State of Emergency - Extends Time Frame for Emergency Refills

Friday, September 8, 2017  
Posted by: Danielle Cole
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Governor Ivey has declared a full state of emergency for the state of Alabama.  Upon recommendation from the Alabama Department of Public Health, Governor Ivey has extended the time frame for emergency prescription refills from 72 hours to 30 days. Part of the Governors proclamation is included below.  Click here to view entire proclamation.

FURTHER, I extend the time frame of § 34-23-75, Code of Ala. (1975), from seventy-two (72) hours to thirty (30) days. This extension shall apply to both instances where seventy-two (72) hours is set out in the statute. All other provisions of said statute shall remain in full force and effect. To the extent that § 34-23-75 conflicts with the terms of this paragraph, the said statute is suspended or amended to be in compliance with this Order.

FURTHER, I direct the following:

l. That non-controlled prescriptions may be refilled upon the presentation of the actual medication bottle indicating the name of the prescriber, copies of prescriptions, insurance billing report or insurance claim notification, or other documentation which would provide the pharmacist sufficient information to adequately identify the non-controlled medication and the dosage thereof. To the extent that § 34-23-70 conflicts with the terms of this paragraph, the said statute is suspended or amended to be in compliance with this Order;

2.     That each Alabama pharmacist covered by said statutes shall use his or her good judgment in refilling prescriptions for this extended period of time and under these conditions;

3.     That this Order shall not apply to controlled substances; persons needing refills of controlled substance prescriptions who cannot produce the normally required bottle, prescription, or other documentation must seek and receive a new prescription from a person licensed to prescribe controlled substances in the State of Alabama; and

4.     That the State Board of Health, as the lead agency for Emergency Support Function 8, is hereby authorized to promulgate emergency rules to implement this Order.

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