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"APA has helped me by giving me more opportunities to learn about the practice of pharmacy. This knowledge helps me everyday in many ways as I assist my pharmacists and increase their ability to assist the patients. The highlight of my involvement in APA would be working with the Technician Academy."
Cynthia K. Rodgers, Ch.PT., Brewton

"APA has helped me understand the importance of all the different aspects of pharmacy through professional development opportunities, email updates and newsletters."
Mandy Smith, Pharmacy Technician, Brewton

“I chose to pursue a career in pharmacy to help people in my community better understand medications. APA has provided me with important information that helps me do my job.”
Dolly Snow, Technician, McIntosh

"I have been a member of APA my entire career. APA has helped me become knowledgeable about issues that will affect my practice. Watching other pharmacists who have the same challenges as me, and how they work together to answer these challenges, made me want to contribute."
Buddy Bunch, R.Ph., Guntersville

"My father-in-law, Marvin Byrd, believed in being a part of the professional pharmaceutical associations. He taught me early on how important that being a member was. I go to APA when I have questions and they are always helpful. I also enjoy the programs that they sponsor."
Joe Watson, R.Ph., Troy

“Network - network - network! Pharmacy is unusual in that we compete and yet unite in critical ways to uplift our profession. APA has always stepped up on every issue and the leadership has stood firm knowing we
are all on board.”
Tommy Henig, R.Ph., Geneva

"This is our professional organization. This is my career. I feel that you should be involved in the organization that supports you completely, will speak up for you when necessary, will help to maintain your professional goals into the future, and will keep you updated in policies (laws) that could challenge your livelihood."
Ann Markham, R.Ph., Montgomery

"APA serves as a reminder of our goals as a profession. Personally, I have enjoyed working with the senior members of the local churches on their health care concerns."
Jerome Mallory, R.Ph., Andalusia

"The fellowship and communication that APA provides is awesome. APA keeps me abreast of changes in our profession through conventions, continuing education, and special events such as Legislative Day. I enjoy meeting different pharmacists, pharmacy students and technicians at these events."
LaTonage Porter, R.Ph., Montgomery

"APA helps keep me connected to a bigger picture than just my practice site and environment. It helps educate me about issues that impact areas of practice other than my own. It’s a great place to meet other people who are passionate about pharmacy and what we can do for patients."
Valerie Prince, Pharm.D. Birmingham

"Through APA I have had the great pleasure of being able to network with so many great people in our profession who are truly leaders, in both our profession and their own respected communities. When you are around people like this, it is quite contagious and grows in you to strive to be like them."
Dane Yarbrough, R.Ph., Tuscaloosa

"Being an APA member has provided me with wonderful friends and has challenged me to be the best pharmacist I can be. Uniting with other members to achieve common legislative goals and protect
the profession has proven to be invaluable.”
Lynda Staggs, R.Ph., Huntsville

"The APA has been a uniting bond, guiding the profession through the changes impacting the future of community pharmacy."
Audrey Cohenour, Pharm.D., Florence

"As an APA member, I served on committees and held most offices, including President. That involvement greatly allowed me to experience firsthand, both the problems and opportunities in pharmacy. The involvement also allowed  me to collaborate with pharmacy leaders and glean more practical ideas to use in my practice."
Anthony Brooklere, R.Ph., Adamsville 

"My (APA) membership has helped keep me abreast of all the latest information and legislative news which helps me know how to approach my legislators with voicing my support or concern."
Jimmy Word, R.Ph., Guntersville

"APA has been a source of continuous motivation for me. I enjoy the professional fellowship and continuing professional development. I am glad to be involved with my profession."
Ozelle Hubert, R.Ph., MHS, Jackson 

"APA has given me a much better appreciation for the importance and contribution of the community pharmacist. It is essential that all pharmacists be a part of some pharmacy organization that supports the continued growth and expansion of the profession."
Charles D. Sands III, Pharm.D., Birmingham 

"I have found that the more involved (with APA) I am, the more benefit I receive from the organization."
Nancy Bishop, R.Ph., Prattville

"I want to become more involved in the direction pharmacy is taking. The APA is an important tool in shaping this direction."
Richard Odom, R.Ph., Birmingham 

"I am knowledgeable about the issues affecting pharmacy and am professionally well connected through my APA membership."
Rhonda M. Harden, Pharm.D., Tuskegee 

"I have become more familiar with the issues impacting pharmacy. APA along with the national associations keeps me ahead of the curve on changes impacting the profession."
David Darby, R.Ph., Andalusia

"Being a member of APA has brought me in contact with colleagues and practitioners that have a passion for pharmacy and improving themselves and their practice. For me, it has made my work my profession and not my job."
Rick Stephens, R.Ph., Tuscaloosa

" APA has opened doors to opportunities for me to give back to the profession with a voice in legislation."
Jimmy England, R.Ph., Mobile

"APA has enriched my professional career and my personal development. Many members were wonderful mentors to me who inspired me to get involved with the different aspects of pharmacy."
Ronnie Opolka, R.Ph., Guntersville 

"APA provides great continuing education opportunities throughout the year."
Lesley Bradford Barry, R.Ph., Montgomery

"I want to encourage all Pharmacists and Technicians to join the APA family thereby enriching each other’s lives and expanding career opportunities."
Belinda Ballard, R.Ph., Stevenson

"The best thing about going to APA conventions is that you meet people of all different ages, from those that have been part of the profession for years to new students who may be getting their first perspective of how great pharmacy can be."
Brad Nall, Pharm.D., Birmingham

"The APA convention gives me a chance to visit with my old friends and meet new ones, while keeping up with changes in my profession. It helps form a nucleus of professional contacts that can be expanded outward through the years."
Steve Love, R.Ph., Elberta

"APA has helped me to network with others and better understand other areas of practice that I have not been exposed to."
Clay Wilson, R.Ph., Birmingham

"APA has facilitated my involvement with other pharmacy leaders throughout the state."
Ron Pate, Pharm.D., Killen

"APA has given me an opportunity to network and share ideas and best practices."
Donna Yeatman, R.Ph., Bessemer

"Being a member of APA has helped me grow as a student leader. Through APA I have had the chance to meet and network with some wonderful people. Previously I had a very limited knowledge of how politics related to pharmacy – now I know just how important that will be in my future as a pharmacist."
Meagan Hester, Auburn University student

"My first day of school I had a professor who told me that this profession could be changed with one stroke of the pen. I knew then that being a part of APA was something that I wanted to do."
Christy Garmon, Samford Student

"APA opened the door for developing friendships and opportunities to 'give back'."
Joseph O. Dean, Ph.D., Birmingham


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